I first posted versions of the below in 2010, when I had just arrived at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Most of my observations, therefore, were based on my own experiences on the market, and on some experience on search committees. Since then, I’ve been on more search committees, inevitably had more discussions with applicants and search committee members alike, and importantly I’ve lived the job market pains vicariously each year through our programs’ graduates as they apply. A lot of my advice stands, but I’ve changed my mind on a few things, have more or less to say on some topics, and have a few additional thoughts to add in general. And thus, after my former blog was hacked to death, leaving my original posts inaccessible until I had this new platform, I’m ready to revisit them and update.

Rather than have a comment thread below, I invite people to shoot questions, corrections, and/or additions to me via email (jagray3 at wisc then dot edu). I’ll edit this document accordingly and give attribution when requested and when a point is a separate point not just a correction. If I’m missing things, and/or if you’re shaking your head at how wrong I am, please also reach out and let me know. From the outset, too, let me offer immense thanks to Taylor Cole Miller, who not only made this blog happen, but read through this document, added thoughts, took things out, and made it much better.