past and present PhD students

superb scholars whose work you should be reading

Diss title: “How to Be a Feminist: Media, Gender, and Age in the Era of Instructional Feminism”

Diss title: “Sites of Confluence: Curating Cosmopolitanism in the Digital Age”

Select projects: Made in Taiwan: Paratexts of Life of Pi and a Dynamic Sense of Place Critical Studies in Media Communication 2019

Viki: Governing Transnational Fandom via Platforms in From Networks to Netflix ed. Derek Johnson (2022)

Diss title: “Syndicated Queerness: Television Talk Shows, Rerun Syndication, and the Serials of Norman Lear”

Select projects: Rewitched: Retextuality and the Queering of Bewitched Camera Obscura 2021

The Fashion of Florrick and FLOTUS: On Feminism, Gender Politics, and “Quality Television”  Television & New Media 2017

Social Sorrow: Tweeting the Mourning of Whitney Houston in Death and the Rock Star eds. Catherine Strong and Barbara Lebrun

Diss title: “Digital Diasporic Cultures and Everyday Media: The Vietnamese Diaspora in Vancouver, Canada”

Recent projects: Imagining the Perfect Asian Woman through Hate: Michelle Phan, Anti-Phandom, and Asian Diasporic Beauty Cultures Communication, Culture and Critique 2020

Creating Sound in Silences: The Second Wave Podcast and Pluralizing Vietnamese Diasporic Histories Popular Communication 2019

Vietnamese Diasporic Films and the Construction of Dysfunctional Transnational Families: The Rebel and Owl and the Sparrow in Routledge Companion to Asian American Media eds. Lori Kido Lopez & Vincent Pham

Diss title: “Get Smarter: The Wearables, Carriables, and Shareables of Digital Self-Actualization”

Select projects: Appified: Culture in the Age of Apps (University of Michigan Press 2018)

Lez Takes Time: Designing Lesbian Contact in Geosocial Networking Apps (with Megan Sapnar Ankerson) Critical Studies in Media Communication 2016

Diss title: “Regional Lockout: Geographic Restrictions, Digital Entertainment Platforms, and Global Cultural Difference” 

Diss title: “Location, Relocation, Dislocation: Television’s Spatial Capital”

Kim Bjarkman (2014)

– Independent Scholar –

Diss title: “‘Not The Cosby Show’: Comedy in the Age of Irony and Political Incorrectness” 

Diss title: “Genre’s Disciplining Discourses: Cultural Difference and Contemporary Genre Television”

Diss title: “Access Ability: Policies, Practices, and Representations of Disability Online”

Diss title: “From Bits to Bytes: Sketch Comedy in the Multi-Channel and Digital Convergence Eras”

Select projects: Sketch Comedy: Identity, Reflexivity, and American Television (Indiana University Press, 2019)

The Comedy Studies Reader  (University of Texas Press, 2018)

Diss title: “The Logics of Synergy: Media Conglomerates and Cross-Promotional Practices”

Select projects: Nick, Jr.: Co-Viewing and the Limits of Dayparts in From Networks to Netflix ed. Derek Johnson (2018)

“Affluencers” by Bravo: Defining an Audience Through Cross-Promotion Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture 2012

A Form in Peril: The Death and Afterlife of the Made-for-TV Movie in Beyond Prime Time ed. Amanda Lotz (2009)

Diss title: “From All Directions: Globalization and the Struggle for Independent Palestinian Media”

Select projects: The Other Air Force: US Efforts to Reshape Middle Eastern Media Since 9/11 (Rutgers University Press, 2016)

Start Making Sense: A Three-Tiered Approach to Citizen Journalism Media, Culture and Society 2014

… and see Nick Marx above for their collaborative work

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